Nadine Rosenberger

Tuition teacher, Afternoon Tuition, AG Sport and Fun

My name is Nadine Rosenberger and I have taught tuition class and the afternoon classes since September 2020. Born and reared in Krems, I studied for primary school teaching qualifications at Teachers` Training College, Vienna after finishing my School Leaving Certificate and successfully completed the degree course in 2017.

Afterwards, I was a supply teacher for afternoon tuition in Lower Austria. I had always wanted to experience teaching abroad so I worked as a language assistant in Italy from 2019 to 2020. I enjoyed the work, and thus I was pleased to continue tuition classes at Phönix.

The Best Moments in Teaching

The best moment in my teaching career have been those where I feel the children learn to associate not only learning and homework but also love and fun with school, be it through embracing, friendly words or simply moments where we laugh together. All these aspects make every school day something special.