Hava Kurbanov

Teacher Representative, Student Coach Co-ordinator, German, History and Social Science

My name is Hava Kurbanov. I graduated from the University of Vienna in German, geography and social science and I have been teaching at Phönix since September 2014. I have always engaged in social matters and had excellent, inspirational teachers during my school years. As I really like working with children and youths, I always wanted to be part of their development phase during their school career, so I can support and promote them.

“If faith can move mountains, then it is faith in your own strengths.” Marie von Ebner- Eschenbach

My Nicest Moments in Class

There are many moments I could relate because, as head teacher, I have a unique opportunity to build a trusting relationship where I see that my efforts really pay off.
One of my most important tasks is to prepare young people for life after school. They must believe in themselves, express their concerns and respect the opinions of others. I am glad to be working in a young teaching team which respects their students, takes their needs and problems seriously, and ensures the necessary trust.