Gurbet Dogru

Head Teacher 3A

I always wanted to be a teacher, right from my primary school days. I always envied my primary school teachers and I said to myself: “When I grow up, I will also be a teacher”.

In the beginning, I was working in a different profession, but nothing stopped me from becoming a teacher. I am glad to have chosen this and I am very happy in my job. Children were always very important to me: I really enjoy teaching pupils a wide range of things so that they can further develop their knowledge and also their character. It is very fulfilling to accompany children on their path through life and to see how they develop different personalities. That’s why I consider this profession to be very important and valuable.

My Best Experience as a Teacher

I once had a pupil who changed from another school to ours. She was very shy and unfortunately had bad marks. I gave her the chance to integrate into our school and learned about the level of her knowledge. In time, I noticed how well she developed and soon enough she was producing work of a high standard. A self-confident young girl had emerged from the shy pupil. From this point onwards, I was proud to have made the impossible possible! At the same time, I had opened up new perspectives for the future.