Emmerich Mazakarini

Sag`s Multi Coordination, German, Reading Education, History and Social Science

My name is Emmerich Mazakarini. I was born in Vienna in 1970 and I graduated from the University of Vienna in German, history and political education. Since working in other sectors including book sales, tourism and research, I have worked in education for almost 20 years. I have gathered a lot of experience with both youths and grown-ups. I have had students from almost 50 nations. I have done a large variety of different types of teaching, from individual and class teaching to tuition, courses and film instructions. In German as Foreign Language, I instructed all levels of language competence from teaching the alphabet to A1 and C2. German has a bad reputation as a difficult language, which is only partly justified. My main concern is to teach the students that working with languages can be gratifying and joyful. Learning at the right pace, systematic presentation with strong involvement of the students, humour, and mutual respect and discipline are the cornerstones of my activities as a trainer and teacher. My conviction is this: teaching means lifelong learning. A good teacher remains a pupil all their life. This means challenge and chance at one, and at the same time one must stay young at heart.

What Made Me A Teacher

As a student myself, I was very lucky in both primary and secondary schools as I had excellent role models with great and interesting personalities. The supervisor of my diploma thesis at the University of Vienna was also a great example to me.

What was the Nicest Moments in my Teaching Career?

There have been many nice moments. Greatest of all have been the victories of our students at important competitions, in which I had a role. Here, we were in a position to achieve recognition and respect throughout all of Austria.