David Stefanek

Technical Handicraft, Art, Informatics, Subject Choice Management

I have been teaching art and handicraft for the last six years at Phönix. Two years ago, I got the chance to teach informatics in addition, which ever since I have done with great enthusiasm since. As far as teaching is concerned, I was late to the vocation as I started my professional life as a carpenter trainee and I still love wood and the craftsman trade. Later, I got interested in IT and then art which was the reason why I trained as a teacher. The opportunity to teach gives me, first and foremost, the chance to bring all my different skills together in one single professional framework. Students profit from my extensive practical skills and learn that even a detour can lead to success from me.

Best moments in Teaching

In a normal teaching situation, it can be the case that some students are more interested in a specific topic than others. The next time round it is reversed. That is part of our job. Then you have those special moments a few times a year, when one topic interests all of the students. You can tell how enthusiastic they are in attending, discussing and shaping the class. This is wonderful for all involved.