Claudia Schmidt


My name is Claudia Schmidt. I graduated from the University of Vienna in French and physics, and I have been teaching physics at Phönix since September 2018.

Even as a schoolgirl, I enjoyed passing on my knowledge to other people. During my oral school leaving examination in physics, I decided to train as a teacher. Physics is so much more than simply learning fixed formulae. It is all over the place. Whether at home, in nature or doing sports, we are surrounded by physical phenomena which we should research and try to understand. My task as a teacher is to promote the understanding of the students. To achieve this, it is important to show a physical connection to the students’ world.

In my free time, I enjoy travelling to other countries, a hobby that relates well with my great passion for photography. In addition, music and playing the piano have an important place in my life.

Nicest Moment in Class

It is difficult to say which was the nicest moment of all. In my short career, there have been a great deal of nice moments which I have fully enjoyed. These include the frequent, “I get it” experiences from the students when they can apply newly-learned material to new situations and their enthusiastic looks when they see physical regularities verified in the experiments we carry out. Additionally, there was the moment when I was surprised with singing and a cake on my birthday.