Christopher Leitner

Exercise and Sport

I was born in 1984 in Judenburg, Styria, and came to Vienna at just four years old. From a very early age, I enjoyed every type of sport. My sports teacher in secondary school had a lasting impression on me. Their lessons were varied and contained elements of apparatus gymnastics and field athletics. Children might feel that ball games are more fun, but I think a good mixture of all aspects of sport is indispensable for modern sports lessons. After studying technical physics briefly and finding it rather dry, I got involved in the world of sport. I have been teaching exercise and sport at Phönix since 2011, and I am also active in supervision work at the school. In addition, I also work as a personal trainer in a fitness club. Both jobs in combination work well for me personally, and also for my students and clients. My most important aim in class is to convey to the students a positive idea of exercise. The advantages of an active life is scientifically proven. Now it is my task to transmit this knowledge to young people, coupled with a necessary dose of fun.