Amalie Berger

Biology, Chemistry and Robotics

My name is Amalie Berger and I am glad to add my experiences to the teaching teams at Phönix. During my biology and medicine studies in Vienna, I decided to make my livelihood from my passion for instructing others. Through various activities during my studies, I was in the position to acquire comprehensive knowledge in biology and chemistry. I would like to pass on this knowledge to the next generation, not only on a theoretical level but also on an everyday practical basis. In addition to my teaching subjects, I run the Robotics Club at the school. The club prepares the students for future technological challenges in a playful setting. My aim, together with the students, is to give them a deeper understanding in biology, chemistry, and robotics class and to encourage them to have motivation, enthusiasm and joy.

Best Teaching Moment:

I enjoy the “now I`ve got it” moment my students have when they can apply their school knowledge in a practical manner outside of school.