Alexander Üstündag-Nösselböck

Philosophy, Psychology, Subject Choice Spanish, Tuition

Born and raised in Linz, I went to Vienna soon after my School Leaving Certificate where I could follow my own interests and study philosophy, ethnology, Romance languages and Finno-Ugristic studies at several different departments. I started teaching a few years ago: immediately after practical training, I received a teaching position at our school where I enjoy being in a friendly, open, and engaging atmosphere. I teach philosophy, psychology and sometimes the subject choice Spanish to the senior classes. On the other hand, I do homework tuition with the junior classes. I appreciate the possibility to support the students on their way to independence by promoting an unprejudiced and critical attitude and to enhance their curiosity by transmitting knowledge in an engaging manner.

An Amusing Moment in Class

We try to get a handle on the topic of death in philosophy class by singing Roland Neuwirth`s song “Ein echtes Wienerleid”, in which there are a huge number of dialectal expressions that the Viennese invented for the process of dying. Before we had finished verse three, we had to stop because everybody was laughing so much.