Meet Our Team - Secondary School

Markus Röder

Head Master Secondary School, Geography

I grew up in dreamlike Salzkammergut. After completing Secondary School and Commercial College, I asked myself the question of what profession I should take up. At 17, I realized how good I was at explaining things to people. I enjoyed finding out their level of achievement, thinking up exercises for the next step, and implementing them when the next step finally arrived. That was what I really wanted to do. At that time, it was training children in volleyball.

I got interested in geography quite early, probably because of my holidays throughout Europe in a caravan. I gained my…

Sarah Bechter

Textile Handicraft, Art

I am an artist over and above my teaching activities in art education and textile handicraft. In my classes, I would like to share my enthusiasm for art with my students on both a very practical and a theoretical level. As in art itself, curiosity and motivation are the most important driving forces in my class.Most Beautiful Moment in ClassFor me, the most beautiful moment in class is when the students and I discover together that each of us is talented in different areas.

Hannah Fietz

English, Geography and Economics, General Management, Compulsary /optional subject English

My name is Hanna Fietz and I have been teaching at Phönix since 2016. I teach English, geography, and economics. This allows me to combine my love for language and books with the joy of travel, and my interest in politics and economics. Although I always wanted to be a teacher, I took a Bachelor´s degree in economics before I decided to train as a teacher and join the education service. My first study, including practical training with the WKI, and an Erasmus stay in Portugal are the experiences I treasure. I think it is important to encourage the…

Amalie Berger

Biology, Chemistry and Robotics

My name is Amalie Berger and I am glad to add my experiences to the teaching teams at Phönix. During my biology and medicine studies in Vienna, I decided to make my livelihood from my passion for instructing others. Through various activities during my studies, I was in the position to acquire comprehensive knowledge in biology and chemistry. I would like to pass on this knowledge to the next generation, not only on a theoretical level but also on an everyday practical basis. In addition to my teaching subjects, I run the Robotics Club at the school. The…

Christopher Leitner

Exercise and Sport

I was born in 1984 in Judenburg, Styria, and came to Vienna at just four years old. From a very early age, I enjoyed every type of sport. My sports teacher in secondary school had a lasting impression on me. Their lessons were varied and contained elements of apparatus gymnastics and field athletics. Children might feel that ball games are more fun, but I think a good mixture of all aspects of sport is indispensable for modern sports lessons. After studying technical physics briefly and finding it rather dry, I got involved in the world of sport. I have…

Hava Kurbanov

Teacher Representative, Student Coach Co-ordinator, German, History and Social Science

My name is Hava Kurbanov. I graduated from the University of Vienna in German, geography and social science and I have been teaching at Phönix since September 2014. I have always engaged in social matters and had excellent, inspirational teachers during my school years. As I really like working with children and youths, I always wanted to be part of their development phase during their school career, so I can support and promote them.

“If faith can move mountains, then it is faith in your own strengths.” Marie von Ebner- Eschenbach
My Nicest Moments in Class

There are many moments I could…

Sandra Hoschek

Mathematics, History and Social Science

“An investment in knowledge brings the best interest rates.” Benjamin Franklin

My name is Sandra Hoschek and I have been teaching at Phönix since April 2019. I am interested in the difference between my two subjects above all. While in mathematics, one speaks of the “right” solutions which can be worked out by a process of logical deduction and an understanding of formulae and numbers. History, on the other hand, allows room for discussion and interpretation; there is not only one truth and, thus, it is necessary to carefully consider sources and question them in a critical manner before forming…

Sabine Hirsch

Exercise and Sports

I graduated from the University of Vienna in exercise, sport and Russian, and have been teaching Exercise and Sports at Phönix since 2009.
In my free time, I am a gymnastics trainer and try to master life with my two children from a sporting and healthy perspective.
As a former professional athlete, I am very concerned about exercise and sporting activities so that kids can realise that these enrich their lives and are also a necessity to health.
My Nicest Moments in Class
The nicest moment for me was the sports competition that we participated in with our students. The joy and…

Emmerich Mazakarini

Sag`s Multi Coordination, German, Reading Education, History and Social Science

My name is Emmerich Mazakarini. I was born in Vienna in 1970 and I graduated from the University of Vienna in German, history and political education. Since working in other sectors including book sales, tourism and research, I have worked in education for almost 20 years. I have gathered a lot of experience with both youths and grown-ups. I have had students from almost 50 nations. I have done a large variety of different types of teaching, from individual and class teaching to tuition, courses and film instructions. In German as Foreign Language, I instructed all levels of language…

Magdalena Moser

English, Philosophy and Psychology

My interest in the English language was aroused on a student exchange programme in California just ten years ago. I was deeply fascinated by the possibility of communicating in a world language with people virtually all over the world and I am still fascinated to this very day.

In my view, psychology, philosophy, and ethics offer trilling topics for conversation in this language. I knew that I would become a teacher at a very early age. I am enthused about working with young people and observing how they constantly develop, improving all the time and getting more and more self-confident.

Martina Neuhauser

Fire Commissioner, School Books Co-Ordinator, German

When I was seven, I wanted to be a secret agent. However, things turned out a little different.
My love for music brought me to Vienna. After graduation with a diploma in jazz and singing and a degree in instrumental and voice education, I started to teach music at Phönix in 2013. Over the course of that time, I realized that my professional journey had not finished and thus I returned to university to take teaching qualifications in music and German, which I completed during my teaching activities at the private secondary school. I am pleased to teach at a…

Linda Ott

Red Cross Commissioner, Annual Report Co- Ordinator, BIST Test Co- Ordinator, Spanish

My name is Linda Ott, and I am glad to have been teaching Spanish at Phönix since 2013. Born in Wels and raised in Traun, I decided to study languages in Vienna because I like to travel. Therefore, after my School Leaving Certificate at the secondary school in Traun, I studied in the Department of Romance Languages at Vienna University, focussing on Spanish and Italian as currently taught at secondary schools in Austria. I also studied German as a second language at Teaching Training College in Linz. I went to Sicily for a semester to improve my knowledge of…

Claudia Schmidt


My name is Claudia Schmidt. I graduated from the University of Vienna in French and physics, and I have been teaching physics at Phönix since September 2018.

Even as a schoolgirl, I enjoyed passing on my knowledge to other people. During my oral school leaving examination in physics, I decided to train as a teacher. Physics is so much more than simply learning fixed formulae. It is all over the place. Whether at home, in nature or doing sports, we are surrounded by physical phenomena which we should research and try to understand. My task as a teacher is…

David Stefanek

Technical Handicraft, Art, Informatics, Subject Choice Management

I have been teaching art and handicraft for the last six years at Phönix. Two years ago, I got the chance to teach informatics in addition, which ever since I have done with great enthusiasm since. As far as teaching is concerned, I was late to the vocation as I started my professional life as a carpenter trainee and I still love wood and the craftsman trade. Later, I got interested in IT and then art which was the reason why I trained as a teacher. The opportunity to teach gives me, first and foremost, the chance to bring…

Alexander Üstündag-Nösselböck

Philosophy, Psychology, Subject Choice Spanish, Tuition

Born and raised in Linz, I went to Vienna soon after my School Leaving Certificate where I could follow my own interests and study philosophy, ethnology, Romance languages and Finno-Ugristic studies at several different departments. I started teaching a few years ago: immediately after practical training, I received a teaching position at our school where I enjoy being in a friendly, open, and engaging atmosphere. I teach philosophy, psychology and sometimes the subject choice Spanish to the senior classes. On the other hand, I do homework tuition with the junior classes. I appreciate the possibility to support the students…

Maria Wielscher


My name is Maria Wielscher and I have enjoyed teaching mathematics at Phönix since 2019.
Even during my school days, I enjoyed tutoring my colleagues in mathematics and observing their learning process. Due to this, I had no problem picking my future profession and still enjoy accompanying children and youths in their learning endeavours. Students should see a tool with which to lighten the burden of their lives in mathematics, even if at first glance it does not appear to help. Mathematics helps us to better understand the world using numerical models translated into numbers and therefore assists our…