All Day School with Learning And Free Time Offers

In our school, we have combined class and free time from 8 – 16.30h. This means classes, independent learning and free time alternate throughout the day. Children and young adults have the opportunity to relax and digest what they have learned. In junior classes, the children do their homework and during free time are cared for. Thereby, good communication between the attending teachers and head teachers is of paramount importance. In the senior classes, there are special learning units where students can do their homework independently, learn and prepare for their talks in class, and work on their specialized projects. When there are no classes parallel to supervised learning time and the learning units, there are various interest groups according to the individual preferences of the students.

We offer chess, robotics, choir, guitar, piano, dance, painting and football.

Junior Class Learning Time with Specific Subjects (German, Maths, English)

The children receive individual encouragement and support from qualified teachers, who determine the syllabus.

Co-Operation of Students, Parents And Teachers

Our experience has shown us how important good co-operation with parents is. We practice extensive information exchange, encourage visits and host parents’ seminars. Students, parents and teachers work together as a team and ensure that our pupils can develop well. The following tools are used in communication.

Monthly report

The teachers of main subjects compile short reports on the progress of students. They cover their marks (written and oral), co-operation in class, homework record, behaviour in class, strengths and weaknesses both academically and socially, recent learning progress (falling, the same, or rising) and the topics that require to be treated anew.

Electronical Class Register

Internet portal through which students and parents can obtain the following information: daily schedule, marks in every subject, summary of attendance including apologies for absence, class register entries, and homework. It also has the ability to send and receive messages.

Individual Advancement

Our highly qualified and committed teachers care for each individual student. That is possible because our classes are kept small and individual advancement plays a central role in our values.

Modern Equipment

In each class, lessons are more and more digital through the use of touchscreens. Our teachers have easy access to digital learning tools to be best equipped to teach in an optimal and versatile way.

Student Coaching: Personal Development and Social Learning

From our point of view, a student’s personal development is equally important as their intellectual progress. Students in the junior classes are coached by senior students, like a big brother or sister, as it were. The student coaches offer programmes on either Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes in the holidays. This is composed of reading, social learning, school learning and meaningful free time and lasts between two and four hours. Boys and girls are separated as their interests vary. Participation is voluntary. Our experience shows that this coaching supports social learning and encourages the youth to engage with the world in a convincing and self-confident manner.

Our Enerji-Programme is an interactive, social learning programme we have for personal development. Its main concern is the prevention and realisation of possible dangers for youths, such as mobbing, smoking or computer addiction.

Multicultural Learning

We derive great advantage from the variety of different cultures and languages here at our school and we really learn from each other. That is a wonderful asset because today´s children need the ability to relate to a multi-cultural setting in a competent manner.

We also teach our students about a variety of religions and cultures, and create the accompanying conditions to practise diverse cultures and religions. The students can choose their mother tongue as a free subject for study. We celebrate feast days of all represented cultures and religions, and thereby expand our own horizons.

For students who don’t know German – our main teaching language – we offer an intensive course. This course takes place parallel to normal classes in a special classroom and has a duration of five to ten hours a week.


We also support your child to acquire information on their own accord, independent of their learning in the main subjects. They learn to research, to structure, to evaluate and even to present it to other people.

Within the framework of projects at school, university and other institutions, we encourage the students to engage with the topic, and thereby to gain new knowledge. If students this kind of experience, it is easier for them to acquire knowledge and furthermore to adapt easily to changing conditions in later life.

Remedial Courses

For students requiring additional help, special remedial courses are offered.