A hearty welcome to our Phönix Secondary school – Phönix Realgymnasium!

As the school headmaster, I am very pleased that you found your way to us.

Our Phönix school follows a comprehensive belief; that, all together, we form a unit. The students, their parents, and our teachers constitute a strong community together, whose common aim is the constant improvement of our school.

We have managed to create an atmosphere in which both students and teachers are glad to come to school. Parents feel welcome and are convinced that their co-operation is the way to success in the development of their children.

I am proud to say I know each student personally, and most of the parents. Thus, I can offer optimal support in any situations which arise. This comprehensive approach, and our open, tolerant, and respectful attitude to all, leads to certain success.

I have been headmaster since 2009 and you have my solemn promise that I will continue to work tirelessly for our fantastic community. I would like to encourage you to contact me if you have further questions about what we can offer you and your child.

I am glad to hear from each individual person,

Mag. Markus Röder

Why our PHÖNIX school?

From 10 to 18-year-old, we encourage learning in a playful manner within secure boundaries. They learn how to attain their goals later in life through diligence and achievement.

Respect and tolerance towards all, self-confidence, and confidence in our community – these are our values. We look after and help each other and take this responsibility in a convincing manner. No child lingers behind or is left alone in Phönix. In our secondary school we stand up for each other, because together we can succeed.

Our highly-qualified teachers look after each individual student. This is possible because our classes are kept small and individual advancement has a central place in our system.

At our school, we profit greatly from our variety of various cultures and languages, and thus learn from each other. This is a great advantage because the children of today need the ability to function in a competitive manner in a modern multicultural setting.

What Parents Say About Our School!

If only all teachers treated my child in the same manner!

Where were these teachers when I was at school?

Schools should consult parents. If I this kind of contact with the head teacher when my older son was in school, I am absolutely sure we would have had less problems leading up to School Leaving Certificate!

I have children in a government school and in Phönix. The difference was easily seen in lockdown.  A. had all necessary documents from the Phönix teachers after 3 days on the platform and the video consultations had also begun. Thank you very much. Learning in Phönix adapted very well to COVID19!

I am very happy that acquaintances recommended your school. K´s marks were getting worse and worse and he wanted to opt out of school altogether because he just did not get on with two of his teachers. An open day visit to Phönix convinced him to go and ever since he has enjoyed school. His former good marks returned quite on their own!

Our Phönix Pupils Are

    Researchers: They taught to study independently and with a great deal of enthusiasm.
    These skills allow them to become real scientists.

    Competent and well-read: They use their skills comprehensively and are interested in local and global issues.

    Critical and creative thinkers: Our pupils are very open-minded, which leads them to innovative solutions. They learn to assess information according to its relevance. In our schools we are proactive; mere attendance doesn’t do.

    Communicators: Our children are multilingual. They are able to communicate their views in different languages. They are also attentive listeners and, therefore, effective team players.

    Highly principled: Our pupils operate fairly and honestly. They respect others in their dignity and rights. If something doesn’t go as planned, they assume responsibility for their actions.

    Liberal and open-minded: Our pupils identify as Austrians and therefore share the Austrian values. They share and reflect democratic traditions as well as the concept of freedom.

    Compassionate: Our children show compassion and are very caring.

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