Meet Our Team - Primary school

Gurbet Dogru

Head Teacher 3A

I always wanted to be a teacher, right from my primary school days. I always envied my primary school teachers and I said to myself: “When I grow up, I will also be a teacher”.

In the beginning, I was working in a different profession, but nothing stopped me from becoming a teacher. I am glad to have chosen this and I am very happy in my job. Children were always very important to me: I really enjoy teaching pupils a wide range of things so that they can further develop their knowledge and also their character. It is very…

Didena Shabaj

Englisch, AG Mental Arithmetik - Volksschule

I have an international background in education and years of experience with several nationalities and cultures. I am an enthusiastic teacher who specialized in natural science, art, and languages with an emphasis on English.

I have been teaching at Phönix since January 2019 and have worked as an English teacher and a part time pedagogue with different age groups. It is very important for me to get passionately involved in bringing it forward and sustaining it to grow and to teach.

Nadine Rosenberger

Tuition teacher, Afternoon Tuition, AG Sport and Fun

My name is Nadine Rosenberger and I have taught tuition class and the afternoon classes since September 2020. Born and reared in Krems, I studied for primary school teaching qualifications at Teachers` Training College, Vienna after finishing my School Leaving Certificate and successfully completed the degree course in 2017.

Afterwards, I was a supply teacher for afternoon tuition in Lower Austria. I had always wanted to experience teaching abroad so I worked as a language assistant in Italy from 2019 to 2020. I enjoyed the work, and thus I was pleased to continue tuition classes at Phönix.
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