A School with Heart and Understanding for a Competent Education

We describe ourselves as a school with heart and understanding, and emphasise the competence our students should acquire. Therefore, your child is always the centre of our attention.

We regard ourselves as a community who have set ourselves the aim of using excellent education and modern training to create a basis for personal development and responsible action in our students.

All- day care, open and modern teaching methods, and learning by project work, promote the independence of our students, as does also the social climate in our school. We owe our pedagogic success to the constructive co–operation of the parents. Teaching follows the Austrian syllabus and education standards. The interests of our students are of paramount importance for the development of our modern schooling concept. Thus, our main concept is devised so that the children profit as much as possible.

Languages and Intercultural Learning
MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Science and Technology)
Digital Media
Personal Development

Languages and Intercultural Learning

We live in a modern and international city where many cultures and languages meet. Multi-language requirements for children are constantly increasing and they must be prepared for this development. In everyday life, English expressions are quite normal and in higher education children need to show that they can keep the linguistic pace.

We value linguistic variety and regard it as an enrichment in every-day school life. Bilingual instruction in English and German take place in all our classes for several hours a week. Many of our students grow up in a bilingual environment. We think this is wonderful because we know that times have changed and that linguistic abilities need to be learned at an early stage to develop sustainable flexibility. Therefore, we offer additional programmes for those interested in working on different language groups. For children taking German as a second language, we offer special courses. It is important to offer each child language training in which he or she can express their feelings and wishes.

We profit from the variety of different languages and cultures at our school and learn from each other. That is a great asset because today´s children need the ability to operate in multicultural settings.

MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Science and Technology)

As we see MINT competencies as a key qualification. To develop them, we have several successful projects; for example “ExperiFun”. Each teacher does a lot of experiments with their classes in the first schooling stage, so that the children acquire these competencies at an early stage of their lives and curiosity and imagination are duly aroused.

A strong imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

We offer an additional program called MINT AG and ROBOTICS AG. We started a research project in the 2019/2020 school year in which we worked on a different topic each week, involving students from different classes.

Children were mixed in small groups to encompass the first to fourth schooling stages and encouraged to independently deepen their knowledge using research maps.

Thereby, they developed:

  • Ability to work in a team
  • Reading competence
  • Research spirit
  • Self-reflection on one´s own behaviour
  • Working ability according to instructions
  • Imagination

In the 2019 school year we received the MINT Seal of Approval from the Federal Ministry of Education, which is valid until 2022. This is a great honour for us because this distinction is only given to the truly outstanding schools that have proven with various measures that they promote innovative and enthusiastic learning in the MINT subjects.

Digital Media

Our instruction is becoming more and more digital due to the use of active boards. Active boards arouse interest in learning and appeal to the senses more readily, thus making learning doubly fun. Our staff has access to diverse digital learning tools to give the students the best possible instruction.

We begin computer science instruction in the first schooling stage. We our own computer room have at our disposal, which can be used at any times and is always used diligently. The children learn to deal with media as though it were second nature. Media competence means more than just pressing the right button; it is a long process involving many different steps. Therefore, thus process must be done in small steps in order not to overtax the children. They learn at an early stage that computers can be used in many ways and, thus, that they are not just for games and films, but for things such as editing photos, designing birthday invitations or exchanging views with others. The children should gain an impression of the various possibilities computers offer and know all the programmes involved.

Students are supported individually when acquiring the basic competencies of reading, elocution, writing, arithmetic, and computer science.  They even learn how to set up learning apps. As an additional programme, we offer MINT-AG and Robotics work groups.

Personal Development

The personal development of your child is of paramount importance to us over and above our main focus and activities. Your child stands in the centre of attention. We support every child to discover who he or she is in what direction the child wishes to develop and how it can work to achieve its goals. In addition to its own personal development social competence is an important prerequisite to a self-determined life.

The children learn with us what they need to effectively work with others in a team, to master conflicts and to carter for the needs of others in an appropriate fashion.

In addition to knowledge acquirement in the various subjects we also transmit the ability to gain information to structure, to evaluate, to explain and present it to others.

Our Equipment Helps Us to Translate Our Manifold Focuses into Action

  • Classrooms all with active boards
  • Group rooms
  • PC rooms
  • Handicraft room
  • Leisure/playroom
  • Reading room/library
  • Kitchen
  • School garden
  • Dining hall
  • Sports room
  • Consultation room

Open Primary School

Our primary school is conducted as an all-day school. After lessons, we have an afternoon framework: alternating homework tuition, free time, and games.

  • monthly school fees: 375 EUR, 10 times a year, for 8.00-15.20
  • registration fee: 150 EUR
  • meal contribution: 80 EUR a month, 10 times a year
  • option of collective groups until 17:00 with slight extra cost
  • Do you already have a child at our school? You qualify for our attractive 30% discount for siblings.

Times for Class

Lesson 1: 8:00 – 8:50

Lesson 2: 8:55 – 9:45

Lesson 3: 10:00 – 10:50

Lesson 4: 10:55 – 11:45

Our School is A Big Family -

You and Your Child can be part of it!