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Our Vision

Our aim is to provide excellent teaching and education for all our pupils, and to allow them to develop independent personalities so they can master all life challenges effortlessly and confidently.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer outstanding education to all our pupils. We respect European and International values, while honouring and promoting democratic principles among our pupils. Therefore, they grow up in a respectful environment where tolerance and cultural appreciation is practised.

Our Values

We are a multicultural school and very proud to say that we have managed to create an environment where all pupils feel welcome. We treat every culture and religion with courtesy and the utmost respect. Not only do we appreciate our fellow pupils, we also promote their uniqueness. We make room for all religions and provide the opportunity for those who wish to practice their beliefs in school.

  • We promote lifelong learning
  • We treat every culture and religion with courtesy, respect and understanding
  • We promote honesty and fairness
  • We encourage collaboration with regional and international corporations
  • We support active roles in global society
  • We foster professionalism, dedication, and accomplishment
  • We value creativity in all forms; musical, artistical, literary and craftsmanship

Our students, motivated by respect, tolerance and mutual cultural understanding, are encouraged to perform in a highly success academic manner.

Phönix Students Are:

  • Researchers: They learn to study independently and with a great deal of enthusiasm. These skills allow them to become real scientists.
  • Competent and well-read: They use their skills comprehensively and are interested in local as well as global issues.
  • Critical and creative thinkers: Our pupils are very open-minded which leads them to innovative solutions. They learn to assess information according to its relevance. In our schools, we are proactive; attendance alone won’t do.
  • Communicators: Our children are multilingual. They are able to communicate their views in different languages. They are also attentive listeners and therefore excellent team players.
  • High principled: Our pupils operate fairly and honestly. They respect others in their dignity and rights. If something doesn’t go as planned, they assume responsibility for their actions.
  • Liberal and open-minded: Our pupils identify as Austrians and therefore share Austrian values. They share and reflect democratic traditions as well as the concept of freedom.
  • Compassionate: Our children show compassion and are very caring.

“The children develop their personal skills, and especially their communication skills. They let others finish their speech, address their audience, and send “I”- messages; a change of perspective while complying with the rules of communication.”

Mag. Peter KaserAlumni Head of Organisational Development, Integration and Communication, Magistratsdirektion der Stadt Wien

Life-Long Learning – The New Norm

The progress of technology and social transformation demands and facilitates new ways of studying and communication for all pupils. People of all age groups must be able to improve their skills continuously so that they can find their way in the world.  Formal and informal learning processes have to be adapted to the needs of pupils. We want to be a school that makes this happen!

Professions We Don’t Know About Yet

We are in the beginning of a new age, characterized by the developments in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, nano technology, augmented reality, 3D print, biotechnology and much more. The growth in those areas is changing our daily lives fast.  In 2016, the World Economic Forum stated that 65% of all school children today will work in professions we don’t even know about yet.

Change Is A Chance

As an educational institution, it is very important to understand how the world is changing and how we can equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in that challenging environment. It is not enough to have a good memory. Children have to be able to use their minds to convert important information into action.

So, the big question is this: how do we prepare our children for professions we don’t even know about yet? Or in other words, how do we get them ready for an unknown future? Certainly, the school, teachers and all other pedagogues have to develop the personal and social skills of their pupils. Creating a positive environment with a playful approach to learning, instead of constant pressure to perform, is a fundamental cornerstone of our philosophy.

Studying is More Than Just Acquiring Knowledge

We assess self-directed study, emotional intelligence, mental resilience and intercultural competences as important components that will determine the successful development of our pupils. We actively support those qualities in order to help them to adapt more quickly to change, and therefore to be more successful in the global world of tomorrow.

Thanks to our new management, which has many years of international experience in the educational sector, we are well prepared for the future.

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