The Project of Looking After the Garden

Mrs. Jahn is a somewhat elderly lady (97) who is no longer able to look after her small sized “Schreber” garden due to her near blind situation. Mowing the grass, tidying up in and in front of the house weeding, sowing, putting down seedlings etc. are activities Mrs. Jahn can no longer accomplish alone. We are of the opinion that school should transmit more than just mere knowledge and we should be useful to society so we are glad that we can be of assistance through the students of the 5A.  We feel that opportunities for social assistance are largely lacking for today´s youth.

After the first three weeks reactions from Mrs. Jahn herself as also our students were extremely positive. Due to the fact that we can´t take along all students there is almost a row among the students as to who exactly can be taken along to the next engagement.

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